Visa by Mail

To apply for a visa by mail, follow our instructions.

Step 1

Please prepare required documents according to the type of your visa:


It is not possible to apply for a private visa for close relatives by mail.

When filling out electronic visa application form on website please choose the place of submission — Russian Visa Center, Bratislava.

Please make sure that your invitation is correct and your visa application is filled out according to your invitation and passport. Please provide your mobile number and email in the visa application.

Step 2

Pack all the documents including passport in a mailing envelope. Documents for a family or group of applicants traveling together should be sent in one package.


Please do not provide return self-addressed prepaid envelope. Please do not put money in the envelope.

Step 3

Send a full set of documents to the Russian visa center in Bratislava by mail:

Interlink Service Slovakia s.r.o.
Konventná 6, 811 03 Bratislava

Step 4

Once all correct documents received, the Visa Center will invoice you immediately by email. If the documents in need of additional information, be corrected or explained, we will email you the request.

Step 5

Pay the invoice received from Interlink Service Slovakia s.r.o. within 3 days and send us a payment confirmation with the invoice number to the email address:

Step 6

After we receive the payment, your documents will be processed and submitted to the Russian Embassy in Slovakia for consideration.

Step 7

You will receive notification by SMS and email as soon as your passport is ready. Youк passport will be sent by Slovenská pošta (Express Courier). Each passport will be sent in a separate envelope.

The cost of the service is 54€, including VAT, and includes:

25€ — service fee
15€ — postal processing
12€ — return shipping
2€ — SMS/E-mail informing about the completion of the review.

The consular fee is paid additionally. The amount of the consular fee depends on the visa category and the citizenship of the applicant.